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07-09-2006 af Joan Roué

DARTMOUTH, NS (August 30, 2006) - A project has been launched to preserve the hallowed schooner 'Bluenose' legacy, beginning with the construction of 'Bluenose III'. The undertaking, founded by Joan Roué, great-granddaughter of 'Bluenose' designer - William James Roué, has been in its embryonic stages for several months and is now fully developed to include a comprehensive National Interactive Fundraising Campaign designed to raise the $15 million necessary to build the historic vessel.


"It is our mandate to promote, preserve and protect, into perpetuity, the legacy of the schooner 'Bluenose', said Roué, owner of the intellectual properties - including construction rights - for the plans and design of 'Bluenose', 'Bluenose II', and subsequent replicas. "The time is now to launch this project to ensure the preservation of this legacy by building 'Bluenose III'."


"We've got a realistic four-year plan," said Roué. "This year we will launch our fundraising campaign. Next year we will begin assembling the people and materials that will be required for construction. Canada Day 2008 is our projected keel laying, and our projected launch date for Bluenose III is July 24, 2010."


The project will be ever mindful of tradition and use history as a guide whenever possible, like the July 24 launch date - to commemorate the launch date for 'Bluenose II' in 1963. The construction will span over two years to allow as many as possible to see the building of one of the world's most recognizable symbols; a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for most.


"We've had preliminary discussions with the Town of Lunenburg," said Roué, "We hope to build 'Bluenose III' at the Smith & Rhuland Shipyard site - the same site where 'Bluenose' was built in 1921 and 'Bluenose II' was built in 1963."


The construction site will be public with viewing platforms, allowing observation of skilled trades people at work, which will also preserve and enhance Nova Scotia's ship building heritage.


Besides revenues generated from one-time events like the keel laying and launching ceremonies, the National Interactive Fundraising Campaign is initially set to include annual events, such as.

· Schooner Bluenose Hall of Fame - Inaugural Induction Ceremony October 27, 2006 - newly formed to formally and forever recognize those that have contributed to creating and preserving the schooner 'Bluenose' legacy - date chosen to commemorate the International Fishermen's Trophy race series, held the last week of October from 1920 to 1938.

· Dime Day - Canadian school children will have the opportunity to participate in this important project to preserve national history by donating dimes each March 26 from 2007 to 2010. A complete 'Bluenose' study and assignment package will be developed and available to teachers in conjunction with Dime Day. March 26, 1921 was the launch date of 'Bluenose', which has been on the Canadian 10-cent piece since 1937.


A "Sponsor~Ship" program has also been developed to include six corporate and six individual levels, each with appropriate benefits - encouraging support at whatever level suits best. A soon-to-be launched merchandise program will offer items that keep with the integrity of the 'Bluenose' legacy, branded with a logo that incorporates the original sail plan for 'Bluenose", from the desk of designer W.J. Roué.


'Bluenose III' will assume the sailing ambassador role for Nova Scotia and Canada that 'Bluenose II' now provides, except 'Bluenose III' will be able to provide the service worldwide. The operation of 'Bluenose III' will be self-sufficient, providing revenue via public sailings, private and corporate charters, endorsements, merchandising and fundraisers. Like 'Bluenose II', she will provide crew spots for sail training.


Unlike 'Bluenose II', 'Bluenose III' may race. Roué said they are seriously considering the reprise of an International Fishermen's Trophy event - and if it is a go, tentatively planned to start October 22, 2011 - ninety years to the day after 'Bluenose' competed in, and won, her first International Fishermen's Trophy race.


"We've got a unique opportunity to recreate an event that brought world-wide recognition to Nova Scotia; that caused 'Bluenose Fever' to spread nation-wide; and that created the famed 'Bluenose' legacy. We believe this could be one of the biggest events this area has ever seen."


Because of her age (43 years old) 'Bluenose II' is no longer able to participate in events any great distance from her homeport of Lunenburg, particularly overseas, causing missed opportunities to promote the 'Bluenose' legacy, the Province of Nova Scotia, and Canada.


Also because of her age, 'Bluenose II' will soon need another expensive refit. Her last major refit was in 1994, estimated then to be a 10-year fix.

"This project will allow the Province of Nova Scotia to scale-down operations for 'Bluenose II'," said Roué. "Once we've got 'Bluenose III' in the water, 'Bluenose II' can be retired with all the accolades and regalia she deserves; perhaps become a floating museum in Lunenburg."

The Province of Nova Scotia owns 'Bluenose II' and has been kept informed of the plan to build 'Bluenose III" from its inception; and on July 5 was formally invited to collaborate on the project.


"We expect a positive response from the Province," continued Roué. "Especially in consideration of the obvious substantial educational and economic benefits this project offers the province and its people, both during the construction and beyond; benefits that reach further than the necessary preservation of our heritage and culture. We have not asked for financial assistance from the Province, only requesting the right to use the name and marks the Province has duly registered regarding 'Bluenose', 'Bluenose II', and 'Bluenose III'."


Ms. Roué is in the process of forming Schooner Bluenose Trading Company, Inc. to manage the project. A building fund will be established and managed by a third party entity for 80% of the funds raised. The remaining 20% will cover corporate operating expenses.


The company slogan is "Building History for the Future."


For more information on the 'Bluenose' legacy and our plan to preserve it, please visit us online at www.schoonerbluenose.ca


Release Issued by Joan Roué

Release Issued by Joan Roué
(902) 444-0703 or Joan@SchoonerBluenose.ca