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Christian Radich International Exchange 2006

10-05-2006 af Jesper Hjorth Johansen

This summer is special; the Tall Ships Races exist 50years.  Since the Christian Radich has won the first Tall Ships Race in 1956, she wanted to make somethingspecial out of this year’s races.

Due to an awarded grant from the Tall Ships Youth Trust we can invite 50 youngsters from Ireland, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands to sail on Race 1 from St Malo (France) and Lisbon (Portugal) for a reduced price.

The exchange will be from St Malo to Lisbon during Race 1 from the 2006 STI Race Series. Besides learning how to sail the Christian Radich to her max, we will also organize exchange activities to get to know each other.
These activities will be organized wile at sea (when the weather predicts) and in port. Of course we will also participate in the activities organized by the ports and Sail Training International.

You do not have to be an experienced sailor to take part. The only preparation we expect from you is that you bring an item that represents your culture. This item will be used for the Country presentations at the “Cultural Goodbye Party”.

Program Outline:
· 8 July 2006 Embarkation in St Malo. The evening we spend in getting to know each other and watching the fireworks in St Malo.
· 9 July, departure St Malo and transfer to Torbay. This first day will be full with instructions from the crew.
· 10 July, start of Race 1….
· 11 until 19 July, Race to Lisbon, we will be divided in watches, sail the Christian Radich and have exchange activities.
· 20 July arrival in Lisbon.
· 20 July, in the daytime we will have cultural and sportive activities in Lisbon, which are
organized specially for the crews of the vessels participating in the Tall Ships Race. In the
evening we will have our “Cultural Goodbye Party”.
· 21 July, Crew parade, Price giving and Crew Party.
· 22 July Disembarkation.

Key details:
· Start at 8 July in St Malo till 22 July in Lisbon
· Age trainees 16 till 25
· Nationalities: NO, IE, UK. DK, SW, DE, NL
· Costs EUR 675,00 excluding transfers to the ports (instead of EUR 1450,00)

At Sea Sail Training:
Tel: +31 206880462