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02-01-2009 af Jesper Hjorth Johansen



A replica of the “Herzogin Cecilie”, 369.9 feet L.O.A., 3111 Gross Tonnage, 4 masted steel barque, will be built in the very near future by "BAE Systems" based a Henderson in Western Australia and the vessel will be used to carry specific cargo (Wines in Cases, Flour in Bags, Grains in Bulk, Salt, Sugar, Cement, Wool or any other general cargo that is easy storage and in bulk. With about 80 cadets training as ship officers/seaman that Australia and Nations of the World are in desperate need of as there is a decline in men and women going to sea both with the Royal Navy and the Merchant Marine due to the lack (Excitement, Adventure, Romance, and Sea Training School Ship's) that teach the moulding of a cadets character as the fundamental basis on which not only there training but there whole future career should be built to develop them as men and women teaching them self-reliance, leadership and an appreciation of the fact that there is more in discipline than merely something to be evaded, so given them sufficient general seamanship and technical training that requiring certificated students that will be trained in all fields of "Cargo Work, Cargo Storage, Meteorology, Merchant Ship Construction, Navigation, Accountancy and Bookkeeping, Electronics and General Seamanship, as having duel role aboard a Square-Rig-Sailing /Motor Ship, so additional instructions will be taught in advanced instructions in Engineering and Refrigeration.  Additionally, extra berths will be available for working passenger-cadets on route from Western Australia to the United Kingdom, Europe, United States, Canada, Asia and return to Australia on a continuous basis twice each year.
We are seeking 4200 tons of bulk cargoes from commercial importers and exporters based on going cargo rates between Gulf States in America to Ports of call in Japan or China. At this moment in time we have secured a guarantee by five international vineyards to transport 1500 tons of ‘green’ wine from Australian ports on an ongoing basis, plus other cargo to make up the full cargo storage. In addition to this, we invite other countries to take advantage of this environmentally responsible initiative and support our square rig cargo-cadet-training ship to complete the full cargo storage en route, be it New Zealand, South America, Europe, South Africa, Asia or the United States of America can be supportive of our square rig-cadet-training ship.

But also we would appreciate Shipowners to sponsor there cadets with given them the only duel platform (Sail, Cargo, Power) where there cadets can be taught the practical and experience to properly and carefully load, handle, stow, carry, keep, care for and discharge the goods carried, a system which acquired a reputation for correct carriage and delivery that would be difficult to parallel these days as a cargo-sailing ship demands far more from its officers and seamen as safe and reliable transport demands more than judgment and foresight as it requires some local knowledge of the characteristics and properties of the goods and commodities, so an Officer of the Merchant Marine is indispensable as his responsibilities as Master of his own ship he stands entirely alone with the whole responsibilities resting squarely on his shoulders, not to be shared by anyone.

We would note that there would be a special commercial cargo reduced rate for humanitarian aid for World FoodBanks between countries.
Our development has created a great deal of interest from sailing ship supporters around the world, as we have some advanced modern technology concerning bulk cargo stabilization which prevents bulk cargo movement in any degrees of list (50 degrees or more) while under sail.
Also with wine producers as it has been found that a sailing ship on a deep sea passage between the Southern, South and North Atlantic Oceans will experience plenty of pitch and roll which contributes to the taste of the wine leading to a fuller bodied, more open and apparently palpably advanced by the constant motion of a fairly rough crossing between oceans.   
We are now entering a new period of history where the cost of fuel is slowly but inexorably rising, and economic constraints are threatening a world depression where container and bulk shipping are feeling the pinch. Environmental demands point to “Now” being the time to recapture the romance and economy of a bygone era. As the financial cost of fuel soars skywards, the cheap winds are still blowing in the same and  right direction around the world and we are once again forced to reconsider transporting cargo over long distance using a sailing ship again that is ‘clean, green’ and using a smaller cargo that financial profitable.

A sailing ship can never compete with a 145,000 ton grain bulk carrier or a container ship carrying 800 containers, but our role is not to compete, but to train cadets for the service of the large commercial shipping, but again the sailing ship need to pay for her running costs (Us being a Non-Profit Organization) and us keeping alive a "Working Commercial Square Rig Sailing Ship".  

The replica of the "Herzogin Cecilie" will be constructed with state-of-the-art materials, navigation and technology in accordance with Lloyd's A1 standards and specifications. Cadets, crew and passengers will enjoy these improved comforts on the long sea voyages across the world’s great oceans.  Such improved technology will keep alive the traditions of square rig sail while incorporating the advancements of stainless steel rigging, aluminium masts and booms with nylon ropes and synthetic sails.
We would welcome your expressions of interest in contributing financial support and cargo that will help fund our Ship's Building programme, cadets and passengers for the future benefit of all people and the planet. So please contact us at the below address as we would really appreciate hearing from you.

Pastor Lawrence(Lofty)Shave
Sovereign Ship’s
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Hamilton Hill. 6163.
Western Australia
PO Box 1207, Fremantle 6959
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